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Important Contacts


        (801) 467-1920 main line

    Jared - Technician/Supervisor (builds Qtake Systems)

    Gaylen - Owner (knows Qtake & Microlite)

        (801) 550-1648 cell (only call with very serious issues, call Jared first)

Playback Technologies - RAPTOR

        (818) 556-5030 main line

        (818) 556-5031 after hours line

    Steve Sexton - Technician (builds/programs the Raptor)

IMT (Integrated Microwave Technologies, LLC) - MICROLITE manufacturer

        (908) 747-3177 main line

    Joseph Marko - Technician (builds/programs MLT)

shared knowledge


  1. Bullet Dir/Client MONITORS show NO IMAGE but image shows in Qtake, detects 3G signal.

  1. Bullet Unable to select VIEW 2 and you see three screens on your QTAKE (2 small on the left).

  1. Bullet How to RECORD your B side MIX/COMP.

  1. Bullet Microlite Rx shows SYSTEM FAULT.

  1. Bullet Audio delay in Qtake

  1. Bullet What's SCREEN GRAB in Qtake

  1. Bullet Ovide Hard Reset

  1. Bullet iPad / iPad Pro Passcodes (Stream)

  2. Bullet Qtake Stream Network Password


  1. Bullet Convert frame rate in Qtake by selecting GPU, QOD FPS and convert to what's needed to work.

  1. Bullet Press "D" key. You inadvertently entered 3D mode.

  1. Bullet 1. Connect a BNC from an AUX output and feed into your B cam input (assuming you are 1-camera) 2. Go to COMP room, click on your VIEW 2 window 3. Click on INPUT and change to 1(A) so both sides are showing A feed (to keep from visual looping 4. Set up your comp and send GEFEN 2 to the AUX out you sent to the B input. Record by pressing "T" or by clicking on REC-B and there you go.

  1. Bullet Change to channel 1 as it might mean the Rx needs to be reprogrammed.

  1. Bullet Lowest latency is achieved by changing QOD output to 1080i60/59.94 (1 FPS Latency)

  1. Bullet CONTROL+O (you can also check any shortcut by holding Fn button, screen grab is in FILE room in the REPORT tab)

  1. Bullet Hold Brightness (--) + LAMP until leds scroll

  1. Bullet 0695 / 069595

  2. Bullet ChillowVTR (should be for all, or ChillowHD)


Common A La cart Gear Rates


  1. Bullet Microlite

  2. Bullet Microlite Handheld (w/5" LCD)

  3. Bullet Bolt 2000

  4. Bullet Bolt Pro

  5. Bullet Boxx

  6. Bullet Navtech Rover

  7. Bullet Navtech Handheld (7" Screen)

  8. Bullet Pix240

  9. Bullet SmallHD 7" Handheld (no wireless)

  10. Bullet SmallHD 7" Handheld w/Bolt Pro

  11. Bullet SmallHD 7" Handheld w/Bolt 2000

  1. Bullet 17" LCD (Panasonic)

  2. Bullet 26" LCD (Panasonic)

  3. Bullet 17" OLED (Sony)

  4. Bullet 25" OLED (Sony)

  5. Bullet 9" LCD (Panasonic)

  6. Bullet 15" Marshall

  7. Bullet 17" OLED Director Monitor Upgrade

  8. Bullet 25" OLED Director Monitor Upgrade

  1. Bullet Thermal Prints

  2. Bullet Mixing/Comping (Basic)

  3. Bullet Mixing/Comping (Extensive)

  4. Bullet 2-Cam Split-Screen (single mon/village)

  5. Bullet Quad Splitter

  6. Bullet Downconverter

  7. Bullet MD-Cross

  8. Bullet Upconverter

  9. Bullet Reclock DA

  10. Bullet HDMI to SDI Converter

  1. Bullet Raptor Mobile Pkg

  2. Bullet iPad Stream Kit

  3. Bullet Portable Power (Blue Batts, etc)

  1. Bullet Sound - Voice of God

  2. Bullet Sound - Mobile Music Speaker

  3. Bullet Sound - Music Playback Speaker Pkg

  4. Bullet Sound - Large Powered Speaker

  5. Bullet Mobile Village (Suburban Pkg w/MLT)


  1. Bullet $750/day (Tx, Rx)

  2. Bullet $575/day

  3. Bullet $510/day ($255/unit -Tx, Rx, Rx

  4. Bullet $250/day ($125/unit - Tx, Rx, Rx)

  5. Bullet $400/day (Tx, Rx)

  6. Bullet $500/day (Tx, Rx)

  7. Bullet $285/day

  8. Bullet $250/day if good client ($295/day standard)

  9. Bullet $280/day

  10. Bullet $450/day special ($530/day standard)

  11. Bullet $675/day special ($710/day standard)

  1. Bullet $175/day if good client ($225/day standard)

  2. Bullet $275/day if good client ($325/day standard)

  3. Bullet $275/day if good client ($325/day standard)

  4. Bullet $350/day if good client ($450/day standard)

  5. Bullet $150/day if good client ($195/day standard)

  6. Bullet $150/day if good client ($200/day standard)

  7. Bullet $175/monitor if VTR Pkg is already in play

  8. Bullet $185/monitor if VTR Pkg is already in play

  1. Bullet $36/roll (rounded up to 1/2 rolls)

  2. Bullet $325/day

  3. Bullet $525/day

  4. Bullet $260/day

  5. Bullet $130/day

  6. Bullet $100/day

  7. Bullet $140/day

  8. Bullet $100/day

  9. Bullet $100/day

  10. Bullet $100/day

  1. Bullet $475/day

  2. Bullet $120/day Stream Only, $50/iPad ($170/total)

  3. Bullet $50/day

  1. Bullet $60/day

  2. Bullet $60/day

  3. Bullet $450/day

  4. Bullet $125/day

  5. Bullet $1650/day ($1350/day for good clients)

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