ChillowVision Video Assist


Remote streaming - set streaming

  1. Bullet 1. VTR Technician receives emails of all approved upcoming users

  1. Bullet 2. Users are invited through email or QR code to sign in remotely

           - QTake account will be created if not previously set up

  1. Bullet3. Users click on "OPEN IN QTAKE MONITOR"

           - will be prompted to download from the App store if not yet downloaded


Alex Red Sony Panasonic

iPhone Laptop USB Cam

Arm Car Drone HDMI SDI

On-Set Activity Camera

  - watch set in separate window


Remote House Stage

VTR On-Site VTR Off-Site

  - Near/Outside/On Set

  - Fully Remote option

remote viewing

Mac iPhone iPad •  AppleTV

Realtime Live Playback

Mixing Keying Frame Lines

Individually Approved Users

Extremely Secure

Users (16 to 160)

Director DP Script Supervisor

Producer Clients Creatives

VFX Art Dept Vanities

Server (optional)

Remote File Access

Offline Client Viewing

Users can be allowed to

upload or download footage,

change metadata of files

Connect Multiple Sets

Main Unit 2nd Unit Splinter

VFX Locations Editorial

separate Web Video


Zoom Skype QTake

Ideally hosted by Production

Control Muting Playback

Delineate meetings into

Breakout Rooms

Dir  AD VTR DIT Script

Producer Creatives

Agency Client




  1. Bullet 5. Qtake Monitor will open and users wait to be allowed in

  1. Bullet 4. When prompted to allow to open Qtake Monitor, click "ALLOW"

  1. Bullet 7. Users choose their view

            - 1-cam, 2-cam, 4-cam view, full-screen

  1. Bullet 6. VTR Tech approves each user and sets individual access

            - live stream access - customizable watermark

            - server file access for offline viewing (optional)

                - approval to upload and download content

  1. Bullet 5. That's it!

  1. Bullet Live Playback Mixing Keying

  2. Bullet Frame Matching 4:3 16:9 9:16 Frame Lines

  3. Bullet Embedded Sound Intercom with Director or Producer

  4. Bullet Cloud Sync Option: Allows for Offline Viewing Allows Upload & Download

  5. Bullet Connect Multiple Sets: Main Unit 2nd Unit Splinter Unit VFX Locations

  6. Bullet 16 Users 32 Users (pro) Up to 160 Users (pro+)

  7. Bullet  Fully Remote VTR On/Near Set Stream Locally Stream Remotely

  8. Bullet  Highest Security Set Up Behind Firewalls Set Up on Studio Lots