ChillowVision Hd Video Assist



Our one-of-a-kind Video Village Suburbans provide multi-camera variable speed digital playback in comfort: Wireless camera feeds, in-motion satellite TV, high speed wireless internet, leather heated seats, laptop & phone charging, GPS, XM and 4-wheel drive. ChillowVision Video Assist offers unparalleled video assist services. Call or email for more information or to check availability.

  1. Bullet Wireless camera feeds (6-interior monitors)

  2. Bullet Variable speed digital video assist playback

  3. Bullet In-Motion Satellite TV & Internet = Quiet Agency

  4. Bullet Excellent follow/lead vehicle for Car-to-Car shoots

  5. Bullet Work regularly with camera cars (i.e. Ultimate Arm)

  6. Bullet Clients wont miss a shot or a playoff game

  7. Bullet 4x4, leather, heated seats, XM, Phone Charging, GPS

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